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Another successful broadcast of The Boat Race with Stagebox

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The Boat Race winning squads - 2017 & 2018

On 24 March 2018 Stagebox yet again had a successful outing as an integral piece of equipment used in the live broadcast of The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. Stagebox by CoreEl Technologies is a camera-mounted device that enables TV programme makers to link with multiple cameras and move high-quality high-definition (HD) video and audio content over a standard internet network (IP).

Stagebox devices were mounted to three fixed position Sony 1500 broadcast cameras for the event, Stagebox enabling them to provide IP feeds over a standard BT supplied network for the duration of the event. The Stagebox then carried main video, return video, camera control, production audio and tally over a high quality low latency 100Mbit AVC link.

The devices used were the latest iteration of Stagebox featuring upgrades including full compliance to SMPTE2059 PTP signalling, AES67 audio and SMPTE 2022 transport stream.

For more info on the Stagebox device please visit or to obtain a quote please contact us via the CoreEl page linked below.

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