Kontron COM Express Baseboard

New Baseboard for COM Express Type6 modules from Kontron

Com Express Baseboard from Kontron

The COMeT6-1 COM Express baseboard from Kontron, designed in conjunction with Compteq is a minimalist board designed for use with any Kontron COM Express Type6 cards, offering basic IO functions and memory expansion. Using the COMeT6-1, customers can very quickly evaluate the performance of COM Express modules and use this design as a basis for their own product.

Kontron COM Express Baseboard      COM Express Basecard bottom view



CarrierCOMeT6-1 is a minimalistic COM Express carrier board with cost-optimized design, intended for first hands-on experience of our customers with COM Express modules. Main purpose is to provide only basic interfaces to allow COMe module boot-up, configuration and potential evaluation.

  • Mechanical support for all Type6 COMe modules sizes (interface availability and power limitations apply), i.e. Mini, Compact and Basic
  • Power input DC 8.5-20V (module and feature dependent, e.g. SATA power requires 12V)
  • One native DDI video output
  • One passively level-shifted HDMI output (resolution and signal quality limitations apply)
  • Two USB 3.0 Type A ports (with ESD/EMI protection option)
  • Up to 6 USB 2.0 Type A ports (with ESD/EMI protection option)
  • One Gigabit Ethernet port with integrated magnetics (MAGJACK)
  • RTC battery connector (PicoBlade 2pin header)
  • 40-pin 2.54mm header with majority of COMe management signals, including but not limited to:
    – LPC, eSPI
    – I2C, SMBus
    – Power management signals
    – BIOS_DIS# signals for jumpers
  • 10-pin 2.54mm GPIO header
    – 4x IN, 4x OUT, or 8x IO
    – 3.3V power supply for rail reference
  • 10-pin 2.54mm UART header
    – 2x TTL-level 2pin UART
    – 3.3V and 5V supply for RS232 transceiver
  • (Optional) One SATA port (with 4-pin power)
  • (Optional) One M.2 M-Key slot for SATA/NVMe SSD
  • (Optional) Slot for CR2032 RTC battery
  • (Optional) BIOS emulator header – 8pin1.27mm header
  • (Optional) FAN connector for 4-pin FAN or unregulated 2/3-pin FAN
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