CoreEL Technologies employ Semtech GS12170 HDMI bridge on new ST2110 encap / decap

CoreEL launch ST2110 module

The new ST2110 SOC module plus interface carrier card now has added an HDMI output by making use of the GS12170 HDMI bridge from Semtech Corporation.

The ST2110 module from CoreEL Technologies has recently been updated to add I2C control for OEM customers that need to set parameters independently from the in-band API and NMOS control. This is often used in equipment where the initial settings are made within the existing control system and user interface. The I2C API mirrors the web based control system which allows for full programmability, diagnostics and firmware upgrades. The SOC has 4 X12G capable SDI transceivers which are converted to ST2110 2022-7 redundant flows carried over two independent 25Gbps IP links.

The ST2110 Carrier Card now incorporates the Semtech GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge to provide an HDMI output on the channel 1 SERDES. The card also uses Semtech EQ/CD devices to provide either 4 x 12G SDI inputs or 4 x 12G SDI outputs. The new carrier card revision also includes connectivity to the I2C slave port and fan control for designs targeted at use in low noise environments.

CoreEL Professional Media over IP (PMoIP) solutions are available as SOC, with Carrier Card and with enclosures. Bespoke designs are also possible upon request.

The CoreEL PMoIP module also features a 1Gbe port which can be used to tunnel a 1Gbe connection for camera control or remote Ethernet connectivity. This same port is also used when the PMoIP product is configured for AVCI 100Mbps when the product becomes the Typhoon 2 specification, the successor of the Stagebox design, one of the first products to deploy PTP timing in live productions.

PMoIP Product Brief
The GS12170 from Semtech Corporation

The GS12170 is a fully featured SDI/HDMI bridge chip (including backwards compatibility with the GS12070 UHD-SDI Gearbox) for SDI link conversion applications. The GS12170 can be configured to operate in one of three modes: SDI to HDMI bridge mode, HDMI to SDI bridge mode or SDI gearbox mode.

Using the GS12170 quickly allowed CoreEL to implement and HDMI port on the ST2110 carrier card in a limited amount of space and without the power, expense and complexity of using FPGA resources.

Evaluation boards are available for both SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI conversion. Below is a useful YouTube video from Semtech demonstrating how to use the evaluation kits.

For more information on the GS12170 chip, please click on the following link:

Semtech GS12170