Typhoon 2 is the latest adaptation of CoreEL Technologies’ new FPGA processing platform, designed to transport SDI HD video over 100 Mbps AVCi links. Each Typhoon unit can set to be either a dual transmit, dual receive or work as a bi-directional transceiver. This allows for optimization of resources depending on your use case. The choice of a 100 Mbps AVCi codec ensures extremely high video quality and low latency, and has already been successfully demonstrated in a number of remote productions.

CoreEL’s Typhoon2 is a Hardware based HD/UHD Video Streaming solution, compliant to ISO/IEC 14496-10 H.264 AVC Intra standard. It is capable of two channels 4:2:2 10-bit AVCi Encode or two channels 4:2:2 10-bit AVCi Decode or single channel AVCi Encode and Decode simultaneously at 100Mbps bit rate, over IP.

Typhoon2 is a High video quality streaming solution suitable for Professional Broadcast, Industrial, Medical and Machine vision applications.

CoreEL offers various variants of Typhoon2 solutions :

  • Typhoon2 SoM for integrating into OEM’s hardware solution
  • Typhoon2 SoM + Carrier card for integrating into OEM’s product
  • Typhoon2 SoM + Carrier card + Enclosure as a complete product, which can be branded as OEM’s product

Typhoon2 can be dynamically managed via RESTful API based Configuration Webpage. The Webpage allows dynamic configuration control, status and other advanced control functions. Webpage simplifies latest firmware upload to the devices.
It also offers Save Configuration feature to save the configured parameters that can be used across system reboot. The Webpage is user friendly, easy to use and supports any HTML browsers.

Typhoon2 Product Brief

At the heart of the Typhoon 2 are the new FPGA SOM and Carrier card developed by CoreEL to implement video over IP with 2 independent 25G SFP28 ports allowing for redundant UHD ST2110 video transport

ST2110 functionality is available as a stand-alone FPGA core, or embedded in the SOM module. CoreEL supports the full suite of NMOS features and is easily controlled through a dedicated GUI or REST API. Customization of FPGA code, baseboard design, or product housing are all possible on request.

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