CoreEL PMoIP enclosure

CoreEL Technologies release new Professional Media over IP

Professional Media over IP

    • Top performance 2 x 12G SDI to ST2110 and seamless switching 25G networks
    • Shift to cruise with royalty free VC-2 CODEC mezzanine compression
    • Grind it out with HD – 100Mbps 10 bit AVCi 4:2:2 High Quality codec
    • Stay in Control with 1Gbe port extender

Professional Media over IP (PMoIP) from CoreEL Technologies is a new ready to use 4K Video to Ethernet IP which adapts to your needs depending on the available network. Based on CoreEL’s recently announced video carrier card and Xilinx SOM, you can use this device for ST2110 packetizing / de-packetizing of 2 x 12G SDI or 4 x 3G SDI streams over independent 25G network ports, with 2022-7 seamless switching. Or if bandwidth is limited you can apply visually lossless VC-2 mezzanine compression, which has been developed by CoreEL, based on ST2042-1:2017 and is royalty free. For wider area networks the PMoIP unit can be switched to Typhoon 2 mode which employs a high quality HD AVCi 100Mbps 10bit 4:2:2 codec and is compatible with Stagebox devices, developed in partnership with BBC R&D and proven in live production applications.


Professional Media over IP

Key Features
  • 4 Channel SD/HD/3G/6G/12G UHD
  • 8 Audio channels and 16 Ancillary types per SDI channel
  • Two 10/25G Ethernet Interfaces with 2022-7 seamless switching
  • PTP slave configuration
  • AMWA NMOS (IS-04, IS-05 and IS-08) based RESTful APIs
  • SMPTE-2110 Configuration Webpage
  • Bundled with SMPTE-2110 NMOS Connect GUI, for Universal Control and Configuration
  • Optional support for Compressed 12G/UHD Video over IP (Royalty free VC-2 CODEC)
  • Optional support for 4:2:2 10-bit AVC-Intra Video over IP
Supported standards Interfaces
  • ST2110-10
  • ST2110-20 & -21
  • ST2110-30 & -31
  • ST2110-40
  • AMWA NMOS: IS-4, IS-05 & IS-08
  • ST2022-7
  • 4 x SDI input / Output (HD-BNC)
  • 2 x 10/25G Ethernet SFP+
  • External Sync Input (HD-BNC)
  • UART (Micro US
And now featuring Source Synchronous Mode (SSM) for direct connection, and extended 1Gbe port for camera control

Many applications for transporting media will not have access to a switch infrastructure and / or PTP timing, so CoreEL have implemented their Source Synchronous Mode (SSM) to allow Professional Media over IP boxes to be directly connected together. Now for example, two 4K UHD video streams can be sent directly over fibre links using standard datacom SFP28 modules, over a range of 100m with -SR multi-mode SFP28 and 10km with -LR single mode transceivers.

Professional Media over IP


CoreEL’s PMoIP suite provides AMWA NMOS framework for Discovery and Registration (IS-04), Connection Management (IS-05) and Audio Channel Mapping (IS-08) using RESTful API, to ensure interoperability with any other control system for professional networked media environments. The NMOS based software provides “Universal Plug and Play” for media essence. PMoIP IP suite also provides windows OS based SMPTE-2110 NMOS Connect GUI, which brings freedom of choice in seamless integration

Control and Configuration

CoreEL’s PMoIP suite can be dynamically managed via intuitive SMPTE-2110 Configuration Webpage. The Webpage allows dynamic configuration, control, status and other advanced control functions. Webpage simplifies latest firmware upload to the devices. It also offers Save Configuration feature to save the configured parameters that can be used across a system reboot. The Webpage is user friendly, easy to use and supports any HTML browser.

Please contact the L2tek team if you would like more information on Professional Media over IP, or to arrange a demo. You can download the product brief below and visit the CoreEL website to find out more about their video products and services.

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