e-con Systems announces its low power and small form factor i.MX7 System-On-Module

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1526481889876{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]St. Louis, USA / Chennai, India – May 15th, 2018 – e-con Systems Inc., a company specialising in Computer on modules, announces the release of its eSOMiMX7 System on Module. The eSOMiMX7 is based on NXP/Freescale i.MX7 processor. e-con Systems already has many customers in mass production using system on modules, such as the eSOMiMX6-micro, eSOMiMX6, eSOMTK1 and eSOM3730. To cater to the customer’s demand of a small SOM for building IoT Applications, Industrial HMI, Test and Measurement, Industrial HMI, eBook Reader and Wearables, eSOMiMX7 is launched with a small form factor of 55mm x 30mm.

eSOMiMX7 is a ready to use System-On-Module using Solo / Dual core ARM Cortex™ A7 @ 1GHz along with dedicated real time ARM® Cortex™- M4 MCU. It encompasses eMMC Flash whose capacity ranges from 4GB to 64GB, LPDDR3 with capacity as high as 2GB. eSOMiMX7 is a small form factor module providing all possible connecting options for Industrial and commercial products. eSOMiMX7 is an ultra-low power system on module which consumes only 3mA current during the deep sleep mode. eSOMiMX7 System-On-Module is available with latest Linux Kernel version v4.9.11, latest Yocto rootfs version 2.2 and Free RTOS version 8.

Fig 1 – eSOMiMX7 – i.MX7 System-On-Module

We are excited to launch our next SOM based on NXP i.MX7, targeting next generation of IoT applications. As part of our eSOM family of System-on-Module portfolio, this new eSOMiMX7 will enable our customers to build state-of-the-art IoT applications and the traditional industrial applications, said Ashok Babu, President of e-con Systems.
“Our customers can leverage e-con’s proven design support to build and deploy their products using our SOM and camera modules in a shortest time”, he added.
eSOMiMX7 integrates Processor with best in class ARM with its necessary memory and connectivity option in a small form factor. eSOMiMX7 utilizes the Heterogeneous Multicore Processing Architecture of NXP / Freescale’s i.MX7 by running dual OS, Linux OS on ARM Cortex A7 cores and Free RTOS on Arm Cortex M4 core which makes it a suitable platform for real time applications and IOT applications.

As part of the “Productized Services” program of e-con Systems, the eSOMiMX7 is aimed at reducing the time-to-market for our customers by making use of the stabilized and ready-to-market eSOMiMx7 modules in the customer applications such as but not limited to, Building automation, test & Measurement, E-Smart Home Controls, Industrial Control, IoT Solutions, etc. eSOMiMX7 modules with various configurations and OS support will enable our customers to focus on their application design rather than spending large unnecessary engineering man-hours involved in CPU/memory subsystem design.

Customers willing to evaluate the eSOMiMX7, can evaluate using the EVM, Acacia – eSOMiMX7 development kit.

Fig 2: Acacia – eSOMiMX7 development kit.

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