Embrionix 12G-SDI video optical and coaxial SFP solutions simplify design and maintenance of 4K broadcast installations

L2Tek announces availability of Embrionix’s 12G UHD-SDI video SFP modules in optical and coaxial versions. The emSFP™ solution, capable of transporting SD-SDI to 12G-SDI in a single fibre (supporting 4K transfer bit rates from 50 Mbps to 11.88 Gbps) meets all broadcast video standards. The optical version allows broadcasting over greater distances at significantly less cost compared to coaxial versions that are limited in distance.

The 12G UHD-SDI series are drop-in replacements for the typical fibre optic video SFP and 3G 6G-SDI coaxial video SFP widely used in the industry today, giving users the ability to mix and match a variety of connectors and video standards on a single platform. The self-contained architecture of the 12G-SDI dual stream video SFPs also removes the added cost and time involved to meet return loss, cable length and video standard requirements.

The Embrionix video SFP coax modules are available in reclocking and non-reclocking versions. This allows customers and manufacturers to build an application-specific product or broadcast installation. The reclocking modules offer superior jitter performance by suppressing accumulated jitter and an optimal output without signal degradation. Cable lengths are available for distances up to 190m. Non-reclocking modules provide a simple drop-in copper interface, while supporting cable lengths up to 120m. Both reclocking and non-reclocking modules have built in cable drivers, equalizers and CPUs for monitoring and control. Embrionix’s proprietary mechanical design allows users to plug and unplug the emSFP without having to remove the coax connectors. This allows ease of access for highly dense I/O configurations.

Mark Scott-South, Managing Director of L2Tek, explains: “It is very exciting that the Embrionix team has accomplished such a great breakthrough in 4K broadcast transport technology. The company’s optical and coaxial UHD video solutions allow our customers to develop products around 4K in a faster timeframe. Flexibility and cost savings increase because system upgrades can be made at any time on a port-by-port basis with the required interface.”

The optical and coaxial 12G UHD-SDI video SFP versions are available to order from L2Tek for customers in the UK, the Netherlands and Nordics. The fibre optic modules are available in dual transmitter 12G UHD-SDI, and dual receiver 12G UHD-SDI versions, currently supporting 1310nm. The transceiver models and support of 1550nm wavelengths and CWDM wavelengths will be available soon.