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emVIEW and emFUSION now capable of transporting two HDMI signals and four SDI signals

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Laval, Quebec, November 30, 2017— Embrionix, leader in video over IP solutions and manufacturer of the world’s first SDI to IP solution using an SFP+ form-factor, has created a new configuration for emVIEW and emFUSION to enable customers to transport 4 SDI over a single 10G, or two HDMI over a single 10G.

The emVIEW and emFUSION are known to be the smallest SDI to IP and HDMI to IP converters. With this upgrade, the density is doubled without any size increase. Additionally, the utilisation of the 10Gbps fibre or CAT6 is increased when the customer needs it. ‘The pluggable aspect of the emVIEW and emFUSION make it the best choice for any configuration a customer wants to support;  quad SDI output, quad SDI input to IP, dual HDMI output or dual SDI input and single HDMI output, or dual SDI output combined with an HDMI output. All the configurations can be 2022-6 or 2110″ said Sarkis Abrahamian, Embrionix VP business development.

“We are excited about the new emVIEW-4-SDI and the emFUSION-4-SDI solutions for the transition from SDI to IP. This is something our customers are asking for now, and we have a solution for them. On the other side, our customers want to display the ST2022 and ST2110. We already offer this, but now we take full advantage of the 3 SFP cages in the emVIEW.” said Sarkis.

“Using our emVIEW and emFUSION platform, a broadcaster benefits from the universal control of  NMOS ISO-4/5 (a universal discovery and flow control solution being defined by the AMWA organisation), and also from our RestAPI control and Ember+ control. For all these reasons, our solution is really ahead of the game. ” added Louis Caron.

Embrionix demonstrated the ST2110 emVIEW and emFUSION at Interbee 2017 inside the emVIEW. In addition to the emQUAD, ST2110, the ST2022-6, ST2022-7, ST2022-1/2, AMWA, NMOS SFP+ micro services technology were featured at partner booths. Embrionix’ SFP’s were also used in more than 40 booths at IBC this year, demonstrating the flexibility and possibilities around SFP and emSFP modules. For product information please visit Embrionix or contact us via the page below.

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