Four times video transcode power with new NETINT Massif T432 PCIe card

NETINT Technologies introduce the new T432 video transcoder PCIe card based on their proven CodensityTM G4 ASIC technology.

If you are managing an exponential growth in video channels in a cloud edge environment and are concerned about total cost of ownership, environmental impact, and server density, the T432 could be the solution you are looking for. Because it is based on ASIC technology the T432 offers a significant reduction in power and size compared to GPU cards or processor-based software solutions. NETINT already partner with DELL technologies, AWS, IBM Cloud and others to bring their innovative technology to market and would be happy to discuss your individual needs.


The T432 Massif High Density Encoder features:

Scalable PCIe Add-in-card form factor for simple upgrade

Reduced bandwidth up to 50% increasing network capacity
H.264/H.265 Real-time encoding/ decoding

Ultra-high Density4 x 4kp60 or 128 streams

Compatible with FFmpeg for easy integration Ultra-low Latency optimized for cloud gaming


Demonstration hardware and technical support is available from L2tek or contact us to arrange on-line real time access. For more information please see NETINT

About NETINT Technologies

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions. Its Codensity portfolio enables cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high-performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs.  NETINT, founded by an experienced team of storage SoC veterans, is a Canadian venture-funded high-tech company with R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Shanghai. For more information, visit