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GBM12G – Board mounted GS12070 12G Bidirectional Gearbox

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GBM12G now available, a GS12070 12G bidirectional gearbox already mounted on a compact high density board. This enabling a simpler design of your base board with nothing with all IO brought out to SAMTEC connectors. Accompanied by RS232 allowing easier control of the board using simple protocol. For more info please get in touch via the contact page here.


  • Bidirectional 12G Gearbox
  • Four Differential Inputs
  • Four Differential Outputs
  • All I/Os are ac coupled on module
  • Auto mode
    • 12G I/P forces DMX to 4 x 3G
    • 4 x 3G I/P forces MUX to 12G
    • Others bypass I/P 1 to all O/Ps
  • All other modes of GS12070 are possible
  • RS232 bi-directional control from carrier board using simple protocol.
  • RS232 provides access to all the registers on the GS12070
  • All connections through SAMTEC QSE/QTE connectors on underside
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply
  • Power consumption – approx 2W
  • Dimensions 40 x 25 mm (may be 40 x 30mm after re-spin)
  • Mounting height – 5mm.
  • Total height above carrier PCB – 10mm
  • JTAG Port of GS12070 is brought out
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