Coming soon COM EXPRESS® Modules with 13th Generation INTEL CORE™ Processors

Kontron’s cutting-edge COM Express Modules, featuring 12th Generation, and coming soon 13th Generation Intel® Processors will give more power to designers working with video imaging and graphics applications. As a global leader in embedded computing technology, Kontron is proud to present a versatile and powerful solution that will revolutionize the way you design and deploy…read more

Lontium Semiconductors: Revolutionizing Display and Connectivity Solutions

Lontium Semiconductors In today’s digital age, where technology is constantly evolving, companies are striving to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of consumers. Lontium, a leading provider of high-performance semiconductor products, has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of display and connectivity solutions. With its cutting-edge technologies and commitment to excellence, Lontium is…read more

Embrionix JPEG XS

Embrionix unveil JPEG-XS Application on SOC at NAB 2023

Embrionix will announce our JPEG-XS TR-08 Encoder/Decoder Gateway Applications at NAB.  This field-upgradable application further increases existing EB82SOC1 capabilities: Variable Compression Ratios (2:1 to 20:1) ST 2110-22/30/40 (Video/Audio/Ancillary) Dual Channel UHD Capable Fully interoperable Exceptionally low latency Visually lossless Standards Compliant: PTP, Ember+, NMOS, ST 2022-7 Contact us for more information

Kontron COM Express Baseboard

New Baseboard for COM Express Type6 modules from Kontron

Com Express Baseboard from Kontron The COMeT6-1 COM Express baseboard from Kontron, designed in conjunction with Compteq is a minimalist board designed for use with any Kontron COM Express Type6 cards, offering basic IO functions and memory expansion. Using the COMeT6-1, customers can very quickly evaluate the performance of COM Express modules and use this…read more

CoreEL Technologies employ Semtech GS12170 HDMI bridge on new ST2110 encap / decap

CoreEL launch ST2110 module The new ST2110 SOC module plus interface carrier card now has added an HDMI output by making use of the GS12170 HDMI bridge from Semtech Corporation. The ST2110 module from CoreEL Technologies has recently been updated to add I2C control for OEM customers that need to set parameters independently from the…read more

Gigalight 100G PSM4

Gigalight PSM4 100G Transceivers

  Gigalight PSM4 100G Transceivers are available in 2km or 10km versions with the following features: Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor Full-duplex transceiver modules 4-channel 1310nm DFB array and PIN photo-detector array Internal CDR circuits on both receiver and transmitter channels Support CDR bypass Data rate up to 25.78125Gbps per channel Compliant with 100G Ethernet Compliant…read more

Semtech LoRa white paper

LoRa How it Works

Semtech LoRa How it Works LoRaWAN® and Multi-RAN Architecture. Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices   ABI Research provides an update on future 5G network connectivity standards and details Internet of Things applications that use multi-RAN architectures. Read about LoRaWAN use cases and discover how they transport small amounts of sensor data with limited processing power….read more

Semtech GN2558 GN2559

The power behind 200G and 400G optics for high speed data centers

Semtech GN2558 GN2559 Whilst SDI video transmission levels out at 12Gbps for UHD 4K images, the broadcast industry is fast moving to IP in the form of SMPTE2022 and ST2110 and using links at 200G and 400G to save space and cost in high capacity systems. Semtech / Gennum have long been know for their…read more

Gyrus AI Video Processing

Gyrus Artificial Intelligence for advanced image processing and streaming

Gyrus Artificial Intelligence L2tek are pleased to be working with Gyrus AI to enable Artificial Intelligence in our customer’s video processing and streaming applications. Gyrus offer solutions aimed at local server and cloud deployments and their models can be hosted on a range of software that you will be familiar with, and probably using today….read more