SX1303 LoRaWAN Gateway

Semtech SX1303 Digital Baseband Chip for LoRaWAN® Gateways

Semtech introduce the new SX1303 digital baseband processor for LoRaWAN® gateways. Aimed at Smart Metering, Security, Smart Agriculture, Logistics tracking and IOT applications. Footprint and functionally compatible with the SX1302, it minimizes current consumption, lowers bill of material costs and reduces the overall size of LoRa® gateway products. In addition to the SX1302 features, the…


Semtech Blue River introduce new ProAV range of ASIC devices for extender, switching and video wall applications.

Building on the AVX100 and AVX200T series of point to point video links over standard CAT or fibre, the AVP1000, AVP2000, and AVP2000T add network switching capability using standard Ethernet switches, and taking advantage of their scalability and low cost, when compared to matrix switchers. With a common programming interface to previous SDVoE devices, new…