GS12170 4K HDMI bridge

GS12170 4K HDMI Bridge

GS12170 4K HDMI Bridge New ASIC bridge chip from Semtech Corporation solves the problem of SDI/HDMI conversion at 4K in a small footprint, low power, low cost ASIC The GS12170 4K HDMI bridge is a single-chip solution for converting HDMI signals to SDI, or vice versa. When paired with Semtech’s industry-leading 12G UHD-SDI reclocking cable…read more

100G QSFP28 modules

Understanding 100G QSFP28 Optics

100G QSFP28 optics are now mainstream technology, but as the speed of transceivers increased, and to meet customer demand for more cost effective transceivers, different solutions appeared that can still lead to confusion when choosing the right module to use. Here we will look at two technologies, optical multiplexing and FEC to highlight some of…read more


Typhoon 2 is the latest adaptation of CoreEL Technologies’ new FPGA processing platform, designed to transport SDI HD video over 100 Mbps AVCi links. Each Typhoon unit can set to be either a dual transmit, dual receive or work as a bi-directional transceiver. This allows for optimization of resources depending on your use case. The…read more


L2TEK ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE PARTNERED WITH ADVANTECH VIDEO SOLUTIONS DIVISION TO REPRESENT THEIR RANGE OF LIVE STREAMING MODULES & PCIE CARD ENCODERS, DECODERS AND ACCELERATORS. With the rapid change in the approach to hardware design of video systems, brought about by the increased capability of ASICs and FPGAs and the move…read more


Semtech introduce the new SX1303 digital baseband processor for LoRaWAN® gateways. Aimed at Smart Metering, Security, Smart Agriculture, Logistics tracking and IOT applications. Footprint and functionally compatible with the SX1302, it minimizes current consumption, lowers bill of material costs and reduces the overall size of LoRa® gateway products. In addition to the SX1302 features, the…read more

Four times video transcode power with new NETINT Massif T432 PCIe card

NETINT Technologies introduce the new T432 video transcoder PCIe card based on their proven CodensityTM G4 ASIC technology. If you are managing an exponential growth in video channels in a cloud edge environment and are concerned about total cost of ownership, environmental impact, and server density, the T432 could be the solution you are looking…read more

Semtech Blue River introduce new ProAV range of ASIC devices for extender, switching and video wall applications.

Building on the AVX100 and AVX200T series of point to point video links over standard CAT or fibre, the AVP1000, AVP2000, and AVP2000T add network switching capability using standard Ethernet switches, and taking advantage of their scalability and low cost, when compared to matrix switchers. With a common programming interface to previous SDVoE devices, new…read more

Modular magnetics for EV wallbox and totem chargers designed for production

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title=”MODULAR MAGNETICS FOR EV WALLBOX AND TOTEM CHARGERS DESIGNED FOR PRODUCTION”][vc_column_text]Electric vehicles (EV) powered by high-voltage batteries incorporate an associated on-board charging system. This on-board charger (OBC) provides the means to re-charge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets to be increasingly found in private or public charging stations….read more