Semtech GN2558 GN2559

The power behind 200G and 400G optics for high speed data centers

Semtech GN2558 GN2559 Whilst SDI video transmission levels out at 12Gbps for UHD 4K images, the broadcast industry is fast moving to IP in the form of SMPTE2022 and ST2110 and using links at 200G and 400G to save space and cost in high capacity systems. Semtech / Gennum have long been know for their…read more

Gyrus AI Video Processing

Gyrus Artificial Intelligence for advanced image processing and streaming

Gyrus Artificial Intelligence L2tek are pleased to be working with Gyrus AI to enable Artificial Intelligence in our customer’s video processing and streaming applications. Gyrus offer solutions aimed at local server and cloud deployments and their models can be hosted on a range of software that you will be familiar with, and probably using today….read more

Netgear M4500-48XF8C 48x10G/25G SFP28 and 8x100G QSFP28 Managed Switch

New Switches from Netgear with the power to handle the largest PRO-AV installations

Netgear M4500 Switches Two new fully managed switches from Netgear bring power and performance to Pro-AV video over IP switching at an affordable price and significantly reduce cost compared to matrix switching. M4500-48XF8C (XSM4556) – 48x10G/25G SFP28 and 8x100G QSFP28 Managed Switch   M4500-32C (CSM4532) – 32x100G/50G/40G QSFP28 Managed Switch   The trend of moving matrix…read more

BlueRiver Pro AV Manager

Semtech launch BlueRiver® AV Manager Bringing SDVoE™ Solutions to Market Faster

Semtech BlueRiver AV Manager Semtech BlueRiver AV Manager CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 – Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced the launch of the BlueRiver® AV Manager, an open and free software tool that enables Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE™) equipment makers to develop SDVoE solutions…read more

Kontron 3.5" Tiger Lake SBC


Kontron 3.5″-SBC-TGL coming soon The new 3.5″ single board computer from Kontron featuring 11th generation processors and advanced Iris® Xe Graphics deliver a massive performance improvement in UHD video and artificial intelligence (AI) applications that demand high-speed processing, computer vision and low-latency deterministic computing. The board supports two 8k/60 video streams, and using the extended…read more

Gigalight SFP

Gigalight WDM transceivers – Get more out of your fibre

Gigalight WDM Transceivers SFP+ and SFP28 transceiver modules now available with CWDM, LAN-WDM and DWDM options for higher density in single fibres.     The growing volume of SFP28 devices used in front-haul applications for 5G wireless means that the broadcast industry can profit from lower prices and innovation at 25Gbps for UHD transmission. And…read more

GS12170 4K HDMI bridge

GS12170 4K HDMI Bridge

GS12170 4K HDMI Bridge New ASIC bridge chip from Semtech Corporation solves the problem of SDI/HDMI conversion at 4K in a small footprint, low power, low cost ASIC The GS12170 4K HDMI bridge is a single-chip solution for converting HDMI signals to SDI, or vice versa. When paired with Semtech’s industry-leading 12G UHD-SDI reclocking cable…read more

100G QSFP28 modules

Understanding 100G QSFP28 Optics

100G QSFP28 optics are now mainstream technology, but as the speed of transceivers increased, and to meet customer demand for more cost effective transceivers, different solutions appeared that can still lead to confusion when choosing the right module to use. Here we will look at two technologies, optical multiplexing and FEC to highlight some of…read more


Typhoon 2 is the latest adaptation of CoreEL Technologies’ new FPGA processing platform, designed to transport SDI HD video over 100 Mbps AVCi links. Each Typhoon unit can set to be either a dual transmit, dual receive or work as a bi-directional transceiver. This allows for optimization of resources depending on your use case. The…read more