AVXT HDMI extender

Semtech demonstrate SDI over SDVoE at NAB 2022

L2tek Semtech NAB 2022

L2tek and Semtech will be at NAB 2022 and looking forward to meeting our customers at a trade show after two long years of absence. It seemed like a slow take up for NAB this year, but as April 23rd got closer, more and more of our customers have decided to attend and it will be great to see you face-to-face and share in the excitement of NAB once again.

Semtech can be found in the meeting room at location N231MR and we will be happy to arrange a specific time if you would like to discuss a particular topic.

As usual, the Semtech guys have put a lot of work into demonstrating their latest parts and this year you will be able to see SDI converted to HDM with the GS12170 bridge chip and then transported over an AVXT fibre link. AVXT is the new robust and reliable alternative to HD-BaseT and is based on the Semtech BlueRiver SDVoE chipset.


As you can see from the screenshot below, SDI is transported flawlessly, maintaining an open eye and pathalogical performance at 4K resolutions. And with the AVXT chipset, you get CAT-X cable extension and the option for fibre extension without the large price premium found in other manufacturer’s devices. AVXT extenders are also share the same physical interface with the fully spec’d SDVoE BlueRiver chipset and so you can mix point-to-point HDMI extension with a complete uncompressed 10G networked PRO-AV system using a footprint compatible chipset and a common API

SDI SDVoE results

To learn more about AVXT and AVP compatibility check out this website Hybrid AVXT / AVP

And for more information on the new GS12170 HDMI bridge chip click here GS12170

To book a meeting at NAB 2022 email sales@l2tek.co.uk or give us a call on 01252 302271. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas and have a safe trip !