Semtech GN2558 GN2559

The power behind 200G and 400G optics for high speed data centers

Semtech GN2558 GN2559

Whilst SDI video transmission levels out at 12Gbps for UHD 4K images, the broadcast industry is fast moving to IP in the form of SMPTE2022 and ST2110 and using links at 200G and 400G to save space and cost in high capacity systems. Semtech / Gennum have long been know for their leadership in video transport, but not everyone knows that from the early days of 10Gbps datacom transmission to present day 200G and 400G optics, Semtech are world leaders in the design and development of key components such as laser drivers and clock data recovery chips.

The GN2558 and GN2559 are Semtech’s Tri-Edge CDR SR solutions to enable next-generation data center multi-mode interconnectivity. GN2558 is a quad PAM4 CDR with an integrated VCSEL driver, and GN2559 is a quad PAM4 CDR with an integrated linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA).

“Semtech has successfully demonstrated the inter-working of its chipset solution on 400G ports for commercial Ethernet switches over 70m of OM3 fiber and 100m of OM4 fiber,” said Julius Yam, Senior Product Line Manager in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “The GN2558 and GN2559 ICs provide the highly desired low power, low latency analog solution to meet the needs of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud data center networks. This chipset is also fully compliant to the 200G-SR4 Open Eye MSA specification.”

The GN2558 CDR includes proprietary VCSEL compensation to enable a wide range of VCSEL options with fully adaptive input equalization and fast startup to streamline system bring up. The GN2559 linear TIA and CDR provides superior receiver performance with fast adaptation and startup. The GN2559 includes configurable output equalization enabling robust electrical interfaces.