Semtech’s ultra-low power UHD-SDI 6G adaptive cable equalizers and reclockers to enhance broadcast transport

Semtech’s GS6140 – the industry’s lowest power adaptive cable equalizer that also delivers best-in-class cable reach at 6G UHD-SDI data rates without sacrificing its performance to equalize and restore received signals. is now available from L2Tek in sampling and production quantities. The GS6140 is ideal for demanding channel-dense applications that require both long cable reach and extremely low power at any data rate. It operates at temperatures ranging between -40°C to +85°C.

Additionally, L2Tek adds the GS6150 to its broadcast portfolio. Semtech’s comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of multirate UHD-SDI video solutions is the industry’s first multi-rate reclocker with 6G UHD-SDI support. The GS6150 features four high-speed differential signal inputs feeding a 4:1 input selector. It includes programmable trace equalization to compensate for high-frequency losses associated with board-level interconnect. Similarly, programmable output swing and de-emphasis provide flexibility for managing signal integrity of the output signals. Other characteristics of the device includes low power operation – 135mW typical for both models – and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

For high-density applications requiring an exceptionally small device footprint, Semtech has also developed the GS6151 that offers the performance benefits of the GS6150 in a smaller package.