Cambridge Electronic Industries has been manufacturing professional quality coaxial cable assemblies for high speed data transfer for over 25 years. Due to the transition from analogue to HD digital and UHD digital in broadcasting there is an increasing premium on the skills, knowledge and the materials employed in the production of interconnection systems. To ensure signal integrity over the 12G-SDI  transmission path it is essential for interconnection systems to be constructed with 12G-SDI compliant components. Using their own 12G connectors with high quality cables from world leading branded manufacturers, Cambridge Electronic Industries has created a new range of 12 GHz RF Coaxial Cabling Systems to meet the requirements of 12G-SDI standards. The range includes Cable Assemblies, Coaxial Cable Adaptors and Patch Leads. Used for connecting, interfacing and patching equipment to high speed 12G-SDI networks, they meet the needs of the Broadcast, HDTV and other  High Speed, High Definition Vision Applications.

Available in many combinations of BNC, Micro BNC, Plugs and Jacks, assemblies are made to customer order with no minimum order quantity for special lengths. Cable can also be further customised by colour coding, bespoke labelling and special marking to suit custom applications. Furthermore other connector types are available such as DIN 1.0/2.3, D Type and Fibre Connectors.

12GHz RF Coaxial Adaptors and Patch Cables for High Definition High Speed Video Broadcast Applications

CEI 12GHz patch cables and adaptors are made in-house at their manufacturing facility at Waterbeach. Using the highest quality cable from the leading manufacturers coupled with their own precision connectors, providing speeds of 12Gbits/s over a single channel and meeting the SMPTE ST-2082 12G-SDI specification.

Each cable is made to your requirements for length and they can also make mixed termination cables to any specification.

Furthermore CEI are happy to produce cables at their Waterbeach facility for prototyping up to small scale production runs and are able to offer large scale production from their own overseas manufacturing facility, with whom they have been partnered for over 25 years.

The products above are just a small sample of their standard product selection.

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  • Optimised for 12G-SDI Broadcast Applications
  • BNC, Micro BNC combinations available
  • Straight, Right Angle, Bulkhead Jack and Plug terminations
  • Cable Types include Belden 1694A, 1855A, 1505A and 1505F
  • Special Colour Coding, Labelling and Identification Symbols available

Until now, to communicate at the bitrates associated with Ultra High Definition Television (referred to variously as “Ultra HD”, “UHD”, “UHDTV”, “4K UHD”) it has been necessary to employ 2 or even 4 channels. With this new range of BNC and Micro BNC connectors from CEI it is now possible to achieve 6 and 12 Gbits/s Bitrates utilising a single channel.

The CEI range of 12GHz Precision BNC coaxial connectors are optimised for 4K/Quad HD and Ultra HD Broadcast applications and have been developed under the CoaxVision™ Brand name, while meeting the JIIA CoaXPress specification. These high performance connectors allow you to achieve a 12GHz channel in one single connection. The BNC connectors are mateable with any standard BNC connector, but to achieve optimum performance we recommend using Cambridge Connectors 12GHz CoaxVision™ BNC Connectors in both halves.

Specifically designed for 6G UHD-SDI and 12G UHD-SDI High Speed, High Definition Video Applications this new range of precision 75 ohm connectors is presently offered in Right Angle, Top Entry and Card Edge PCB mounted sockets; a Belden 1694A cable terminated BNC plug style is also available.

• Bitrates of 12 Gbits/s
• Only one connection required for each 12GHz channel
• Right Angle, End Launch and Top Entry PCB Mounting Sockets
• Cable Ended BNC Plug for Belden 1694A