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About CoreEL:

CoreEL has over two decades of niche experience in designing and manufacturing robust electronics. Our competencies to produce reliable, high performance and rugged, mission critical electronics for the defense industry, are leveraged for the video transportation and compression domain.

Today, we have a strong international reputation in the professional video & broadcasting domain. Over 70% of the top-tier video broadcast equipment manufacturers have licensed CoreEL’s intellectual properties for their products.

CoreEL offers highly customizable, high performing reliable products at low cost and short delivery periods.

CoreEL Features:

  1. The only Premier Alliance Member of Xilinx from India & one among the 11 partners –This means, we meet the highest level of qualification and provide a proven expertise to key customers worldwide.
  2. Awarded top 25 innovative companies in India by CII in 2015.

CoreEL Technologies

PMoIP media streaming 4K

Professional Media Streaming over IP Uncompressed ST2110 / 100Mbps AVCi / HD & UHD VC-2 mezzanine compression

CoreEL Technologies

Typhoon 2 Media Streaming

High quality 100Mbps ACVI 2 channel media streaming device with Stagebox compatibility

CoreEL Technologies

AMoIP All Media over IP

Streaming HD video over high quality 200Mbps AVCI and low bandwidth H.264 for remote monitoring.