Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Hikvision. Hikrobot is initially formed by a team of experts in the field of machine vision. Based on the technology heritage from Hikvision, Hikrobot put its business focus on the intelligent manufacturing and reimage how the machine benefits human beings. Hikrobot now are worldwide supplier of mobile robot, machine vision and unmanned aerial vehicle.

The company has a group of experienced research experts who have a good command in image processing, pattern recognition and the machine vision algorithm. With the great knowledge in the AI, machine learning and robot technology, Hikrobot is dedicated to help the manufacturers to realize the successful industries 4.0 transition.

Mobile Robot

Based on the core technology of image processing, hardware design and precision algorithm, Hikrobot have developed warehousing robot system. Then, Hikrobot have developed the carrying robot that can be connected with production lines, sorting robot that is applied for sortation of small parcels, and parking robot that remarkably improves the available parking space. These robots are designed for the intelligent manufacturing to lead the factory logistics.

Machine Vision

The products cover entire series of industrial cameras, lenses, vision software platforms, vision box and industrial smart cameras. They are applied in technology products, metal processing, industrial automation and other fields; Achieved fast and accurate positioning guidance, dimension measurement, identification and other applications. The industrial camera products are produced under rigorous testing and quality control. They are proven stable, reliable and support customized development. These cameras are integrated into the mature system solutions in various applications and industries to contribute to end user’s substantial increase in efficiency and accuracy.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

With rich experience of video technology, Hikrobot have independently developed Falcon series unmanned aerial vehicles and low altitude airspace UAV jammers to provide professional industrial solutions for security. The products of UAVs are based on the core technology of video, image processing and deep integration of industrial recourses, also targeted at the industry of security, smart applications, and industrial demands.

Machine Vision

1MP GigE Area Scan Cameras

0.3MP 1/4” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA003-20GM/GC

0.3MP 1/3” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA003-30GM/C

1-5MP GigE Area Scan Cameras

1.3MP 1/3” CCD GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CE013-50GM/C

1.3MP 1/2” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA013-20GM/C

1.3MP 1/3” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA013-30GM/C

2.3MP 1/1.2” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA023-10GM/C

3MP 1/1.8” CCD GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA030-10GM/C

5MP+ GigE Area Scan Cameras

5MP 2/3” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA050-10GM/C

5MP 1” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA050-20GM/C

6MP 1/1.8” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA060-10GM/C

6MP 1/1.8” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CA060-11GM

10MP 1/2.3” CMOS GigE Industrial Camera – MV-CE100-30GM/C

1-5MP USB Area Scan Cameras

1.3MP 1/2” CMOS USB3.0 Industrial Camera  – MV-CA013-20UM/UC

5MP+ USB Area Scan Cameras

5MP 1” CMOS USB3.0 Industrial Camera – MV-CA050-20UM/C

2K Network Line Scan Camera

2048 Pixels GigE Line Scan Industrial Camera – MV-CL020-40GM

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X86 Industrial Smart Camera

Industrial Smart Camera – MV-SI622-01GM

2000 Series Vision Box



10MP Lens